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Oisin Clancy – Founder and CEO

As Founder and CEO of SMART ROOF, Oisin is responsible for the overall management and execution of the company, as well as the leadership and day-to-day management of SMART ROOF projects and staff. Oisin’s vision for SMART ROOF stems from his 15-years of experience in architectural design, urbanism and sustainability together with a passion for engineering and renewable energy technologies. This vision entails establishing SMART ROOF as a one-stop shop for the design, fabrication and installation of rooftop improvements. Oisin leads a multi-disciplinary team of architects, industrial designers, engineers and landscape designers in the implementation of our renewable energy and sustainable rooftop improvement projects. He works with clients to ensure that our projects are feasible, financially-viable and targeted to our client’s objectives.

Prior to founding SMART ROOF, Oisin was a founder and Principal of Field Lines, a boutique architectural design practice In NYC. He also founded UPworld, an online collaborative platform for the Design, Construction and Real Estate Community which shared a vision with it’s 17,000 professional registered members to create a global network of multi disciplinary professionals, with the capacity to form project teams to build better more sustainable urban environments.

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Michael Mattana – Industrial Designer

Michael is a key member of the SMART ROOF multi-disciplinary team, responsible for integrating industrial design solutions into our rooftop improvement projects. Mike has particular expertise in product and hardware design, parts and fixtures assembly and design, graphics and 3D modeling of complex subassemblies. He serves as a link between the design and fabrication divisions of SMART ROOF.

Prior to joining SMART ROOF, Mike focused on sustainability at Rochester Institute of Technology, where he graduated in 2013 with a degree in Industrial Design.

Ryan Cunningham -Architect/Fabricator

Ryan leads our fabrication and product division and is responsible for integrating architectural design and furniture and fixture design into SMART ROOF’s engineered solutions. He designs, models and fabricates wood, steel and fabric into physical prototypes and custom pieces in our local fabrication shop, and oversees the procurement/fabrication of our suite of outdoor, rooftop products. Ryan has a particular expertise in creating balanced and aesthetically-pleasing design and product solutions that are a key part of the SMART ROOF concept.

Prior to joining SMART ROOF, Ryan designed and built a number of residential structures with a focus on materials and detailing. Prior to his graduation from Virginia Polytechnic Institute with a degree in Architecture, Ryan worked on Lumenhaus, the international award-winning solar decathlon house in 2010.


Leyla DeRosa – Administrative Assistant

At SMART ROOF, Leyla is responsible for accounting scheduling and organisational tasks.  In addition provides a valuable role coordinating with managers, contractors and clients making sure that every party involved has the necessary materials for project completion. She serves as an assistant to the project manager and also the CEO with all administrative work, project budget tracking, cost estimating and material tracking.
Leyla holds a bachelor degree in Material Science and has 5 years experience working in a steel industry. Prior joining Smart Roof team, she worked as a Manager in a multinational steel manufacturing corporation.

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Marion Piedra – A&D Outreach

At SMART ROOF, Marion is responsible for Client relationship Management, Account Management and Outreach, Public Speaking and Product Presentations. Marion is an advertising designer with 7+ years of experience in communication strategies, marketing, brand development and production. She has strong experience in various areas of design and communication and wide understanding of advertising, implementation of creative concepts, and public relations.


Peter Rini – Biz Dev & Outreach

As a part of the SMART ROOF team Peter builds relationships with prospective clients, in particular developers, contractors and property owners. Peter also works on film, television and theater. He holds a Masters’s degree of Fine Arts in Acting fom NYU’s prestigious Graduate Acting Program at the Tisch School of the Arts.


Harold Swarthout – Biz Dev & Outreach

As a part of the SMART ROOF team Harold manages the referral program by reaching out to prospective partners, especially within the luxury town house market. He has over five years professional experience in a similar capacity at major financial service firms and successful NYC start ups where he has also been a top producer.

Vid Bogdanović – 3D Modeler

Vid is responsible for taking survey drawings of rooftops and translating them into accurate AutoCAD models which serve as the basis for SMART ROOF’s engineering designs. He generates architectural plans, sections, elevations and comprehensive 3d digital environments and works with the design team on a daily basis to produce drawings for architectural, mechanical, structural city permits, Landmarks preservation committee and for construction.

Vid is an architect by training and has 15 years’ experience dealing with clients and construction detailing and drawing.

Dnco Popovic – Architectural 3D Visualization

Dnco is responsible for 3D digital models and photorealistic renderings. Dnco has particular expertise in formulating photorealistic renderings that both accelerate the design process and easily communicate concepts to clients prior to the on-site construction process. He works on a daily basis with the design team to design and render architectural environments and structural components that are essential to the internal design process as well as for communicating to the client.

Dnco is an architect by training and has 15 years experience with construction detailing and drawing.

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Michael Blumen – Advisor

Michael has 34 years of successful experience directing, managing and executing a diverse range of business efforts, including the profitable growth of two environmental consulting companies. Michael formulates and implements business development strategies for renewable energy and sustainable development projects. He also provides coordination and management of solar PV and solar thermal affiliate companies on SMART ROOF projects.

Most recently and prior to joining SMART ROOF, Mike served as president of Blumen Solar and Sustainability, a consulting firm specializing in creating and implementing renewable energy projects in the NY area. He also was a senior Consultant at Solar Energy Systems, LLC a Brooklyn-based solar integrator; at SES he was successful in creating business development opportunities that led to the installation of approximately 2.5 MW of solar PV capacity.


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