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Letter From the Smart Roof CEO

A Note about Smart Roof’s Vision from the Founder:
By the year 2050 eighty percent of the world’s population will live in cities. What is the future of life within our cities and what role can rooftops play in enhancing the urban experience?
The Smart Roof vision was hatched through my passion for sustainable development and enriching the lives of urban residents. As part of many trips to and from New York City, I would gaze out the window of an airplane and view the myriad of rooftops; millions of square feet of manmade surface area essentially lying fallow, baking in the summer sun or buffeted by strong winds, an urban, elevated desert with the potential to become fertile fields for the harvesting of clean, green energy. An abundance of space that could enrich the urban experience.

I saw this condition and asked the questions:
Why is this valuable asset of any property – its roof – so underexploited? Why aren’t building owners jumping at the opportunity to lower their operating costs and increase property values via installation of solar and wind technologies? Likewise, why isn’t fresh rainwater being collected via landscape plantings and green roofs and utilized more productively? In a city where outdoor space is limited and at a premium, why aren’t rooftops being used more to create such spaces? Why has the rooftop revolution not yet taken hold in NYC?
In reality, the rooftop revolution has begun; hundreds of solar PV systems have been installed throughout NYC in the past few years, green roofs and small rooftop farming patches have been planted and some building owners and developers do see the added value of rooftop improvements. However, the ability to transform the perception of rooftops from spaces to avoid to spaces that can be productive resources is just starting to grow. Rooftops can be an energy resource, a water resource, a food resource, an environmental resource or all of the above. In the city of the future, rooftops will benefit a building’s inhabitants, the property owner and the community, and will contribute to the health of the urban environment.
Smart Roof LLC was founded in 2013 to help transform the perception of rooftops to one of an underutilized asset that can contribute to a more productive and healthy urban life. We understand that changing this perception and creating rooftop spaces that are true resources must be done in a financially-viable manner. Any rooftop improvement must be a smart investment. The Smart Roof approach of integrated design and systemized management is geared to ensure that our renewable energy and sustainable solutions are performance-based, financially-viable .and represent the latest in technology.
With our guidance, building owners and developers can turn the rooftop revolution to their advantage, lowering operating costs, increasing the value of their property and contributing to the health of the community in a sustainable, low-risk and lasting manner.

Join the Smart Roof revolution.
Oisin Clancy,
Founder & CEO, Smart Roof sbe LLC



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